Tips for new travelers

Sometimes, when you are new to traveling or you still don’t have that much experience, you can find yourself making some mistakes that may turn your vacation trip into a disaster. That’s why we will list a few tips for those looking for a great time away from routine and monotony.

Leave the fear aside

A beautiful hotel with amazing views, a great service, nice granite countertops and free drinks may look like the right spot for you, but sometimes in life luxury is not everything. Get yourself a little adventure entering the unknown, you may find something incredible, and sure enough, you will learn something new.

Don’t be shy, go and do the things you want, get to know people, live their cultures and learn from them. You will have the most rewarding experience if you learn from your trips, and those memories will be with you at all times.

Be patient

One common mistake for new travelers is to push their limits trying to see everything as quick as possible. Yeah, you will visit many places in one day, but you will end up feeling tired, stressed and maybe you won’t even remember the things you just saw.

Take your time to relax and realize that getting the most out of your trip is not about seeing it all, it’s about feeling better, leaving the stress and routine behind, and learning from the people that you will meet and their culture.

Bring some extra cash

It doesn’t matter how well you budget your trip, the unexpected will always be there and you should be prepared.

Something like a change of itinerary, a drink that you may need or any other unexpected expense may affect your wallet and your whole trip. So be careful, you should think about the unexpected and bring some extra money, just in case you need it.

Last, but not least, have an amazing experience, give yourself the chance to learn from the others and enjoy the ride, one day you might be looking at a famous monastery’s slabs and the other day at the top of the most beautiful hill on the other side of the world. These tips will make your traveling experience a rich and rewarding adventure that will be with you for the rest of your life.

Safety Tips for Travel

Source-Travel Safety by Alan (merrionsq)

When you decide to travel outside your country whether, for business or pleasure, it can be very scary and sometimes hectic. Here are some tips that will keep you and your belongings safe when you are on foreign soil.

1. Keep an eye on your belongings

Ensure you keep your wallet and travel documents somewhere no one can easily take out, either in your front pocket or a neck bag. Also, ensure that your bag is properly locked to avoid someone opening it and stealing your things.

2. Keep your camera away

Do not carry your camera on your arm or around your neck as you go around town. This will attract thieves. Keep it in you closed backpack and only take it out when you need to use it.

3. Keep your wallets and purses hidden

Do not put your purse or wallet on display if you do not want someone to relieve you of it. Ensure you carry your purse at your from and keep your wallet in your front pocket where you can keep an eye on it.

4. Choose your travel buddy carefully

Pick someone who is resourceful and can be relied upon if things get a little rocky. This will help to keep you safe and still have fun on your trip.

5. Insurance

Ensure you take out an insurance policy for both you and your most valuable belongings. This will ensure that in case anything goes south on your trip your insurance company can compensate you.

6. Heed to travel advice

If you are advised to avoid a certain area when you are on your trip due to security reasons please heed. This will help keep you safe as well as your belongings.

7. Scan your important documents

Ensure you make copies of your important travel documents so that you have a backup in case they get lost. You wouldn’t want to be stuck in a foreign country or get arrested because you don’t have documents validating your presence.

8. Get a health check-up

Always check the FCO website for any travel warnings, list of vaccinations and medication you need to get as you travel to your chosen country. Ensure you get all the required vaccinations done before the trip.

9. Keep your cash and cards separate

It is safer to not keep cash where your cards are as thieves will always go for the money and not ATM and credit cards. Always ensure you don’t keep all your money in one place. Keep it scattered in different areas on your person.

10. Typing in personal details online

When booking your flight or hotel online, please ensure that the site has a ‘secure visa’ sign before you input any details about your credit card or passport. Also, ensure that you use your work or home computer to do these transactions and not a computer from an internet cafe so as to avoid scum devices and viruses from acquiring your details and eventually using them for unlawful purposes.

I hope this article was helpful to you. Happy travels. 🙂

Healthy Weight in Travels












When one takes a vacation, it is his or her time to relax and let loose. During this time we tend to let go of our routine and just enjoying ourselves which might lead to weight added by the end of your trip. Here are some tips to ensure that even though you enjoy yourself, you won’t pack unnecessary pounds while traveling.

1. Pack healthy snacks












Avoid buying unhealthy junk from vending machines or eating unhealthy airport food when traveling. Ensure you carry some healthy, non-perishable snacks such as protein bars and nuts on your flight. You can also carry some with you when you are out and about on your vacation.

2. Work out at the airport












In case you get to the airport with a little time to spare before your flight, ensure you get a little workout in. Stretch your legs and get some cardio going by walking the halls and climbing the stairs. This will keep you occupies and prevent you from indulging in airport snacks.

3. Be strategic at the buffet












Most resorts offer an endless array of delicious foods at the breakfast buffet, which is however not very healthy to eat. Instead of pilling your plate with bacon, eggs and sausages opt for a healthier combination like fruits, yogurt, and whole, grain toast.

4. Bring your workout with you












It doesn’t mean that because you are on vacation, your workout routine should be put on pause too. You can always squeeze in a few hours of working out each day preferably in the morning. This will help boost up your psych and help you enjoy your day. You can do a run for a few miles, skip rope or even swim a couple of rounds.

5. Have a cocktail or dessert but not both












Both alcohol and chocolaty delights carry a lot of calories. If you want to maintain your figure ensure you don’t get too crazy and choose either to drink or indulge in your sweets. Be smart and pick one meal to indulge in calories.

6. Take advantage of the hotel’s facilities












If your hotel offers gym facilities please utilize them. You can always get in an hour or two of good work out a day. You can also take up new activities such as yoga, Pilates, hiking or biking if the hotel offers them. This ensures you stay active and in great shape during your vacation.

7. Order wisely from the bar












Ensure you avoid drinking the fruity cocktails as they contain soo many calories. You should opt for skinny drinks especially if you are planning on drinking more than one. You should also opt for drinks made on the rocks than frozen drinks as they contain fewer calories.

8. Make exercise a family affair












Make sure you schedule as many active activities as possible for your family. This will help you have fun, build your bond and also ensures your family stays in shape throughout the trip.

I hope you found this article helpful. Happy travels. 🙂



Benefits of World Travel










The spirit of wanderlust is present deep down in each and every one of us. As descendants of hunter/gatherers, we were designed to forage new lands, explore and discover. We desire adventure and risk as part of our biological makeup.

Travelling is a personal experience for everyone choosing to take it up as a way of life. Delving deep into foreign cultures, polishing your palate by tasting local cuisines, and discovering new places can never be compared to anything else. Every person should get the chance to travel the world at least once in their lives.

Below are the top ten reasons why:

1.  You will become a better person

Travelling is the ultimate means of gaining a different perspective on life. It allows you to learn new foreign languages and cultures while at the same time teaching you tolerance. Travelling, in essence, will make you an all-around better person.

2. You will get to know yourself better

Each successful adventure allows you to search into your soul and discover things about you that you didn’t even know. Take this time to do a self-evaluation/reflection and find out your strengths, weaknesses, and who you really are.

3. You will be smarter when you travel the world

Travelling and getting lost sharpens your sense of direction, broadens your geography, and overall bearings. You will become wiser and smarter the more you get out and explore the world around you

4. You will experience something new

If you are a patriot, you probably know everything about your native country. When you broaden your worldview culture shocks are sure to follow. That’s nothing to be worried about though because it is part of growing up and it is beautiful.

5. You will make wonderful memories

Making awesome memories is one of the best highlights of life. When you travel, not only are you making new memories, you are able to live vicariously through life. It is true what the adage says, “He, who travels, lives twice.”

6. You might find the meaning of life

For Westerners, the meaning of life is to have more, be more, and achieve more! For Asians however, they believe that you shouldn’t always be in pursuit of career goals. Travel far and wide and eventually, you will find the meaning of life that resonates with you.

7. You will be in places you’ve only seen on photos

Every single place on earth has something beautiful to offer. Landmarks like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Pyramids in Egypt, and Empire State Building in the US all have something unique about them. Turn your dreams into a reality, as only you can.

8. You will inspire others

Talk about your escapades to your friends and family, they will probably be your new travel buddies in future. By sharing your adventures with others, you inspire them to follow your lead.

9. You will have awesome travel stories to tell

There’s a quote that goes “Traveling leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller.” It proves to be true because vacations are a popular source of tales of fun and adventure to share with family over dinner.

10. You will meet amazing people

Get to meet new people who will share their stories with you. You might even meet people who share similar interests and hobbies.

Packing off….

The benefits of traveling surpass this list by a mile. Take up the challenge and plan a trip. The world is your oyster.

Happy travels. 🙂


What you need to pack when traveling to San Francisco on holiday

Many people are going to San Francisco on holiday. And, they are having a lot of fun while they are there. However, some people that are going to this great city for the first time, might not know what to pack when they are in San Francisco. With this guide, you will know exactly what you can pack for your trip, and you will know for sure that you have the right things with you for your holiday:

Warm, windproof jacket

The first thing that you need to pack is a warm, windproof jacket. Even if you are going during the summer. There are a couple of days where the wind can get cold and then you want to wear your jacket that is going to protect you from the wind and the cold. There are too many people that are forgetting about this essential clothing, and they are regretting it on the first or second day.

Summer clothes

If you are going to San Francisco during the summer time, you should make sure that you pack enough summer clothing. For most people, it can get really warm and sunny during the summer time.

And, if you are coming from a place where it is colder, you might find yourself that your summer clothes aren’t cool enough. This is why you should make sure that you have an outfit or two that is really for the warmer days in San Francisco.

Some warm clothes (even when you are going during the summer)

Are you going to San Francisco during the winter times? Then you need to pack some warm clothing. Clothing that will keep you warm, no matter how cold it might be. However, you don’t want to just pack warm clothing when you are there in the winter, because there can be some warm weather during the winter as well.

During the summer, there are some chilly days as well, and this is why you should make sure that you are packing warm clothing as well for going to San Francisco.

Comfortable shoes

You might not realize it now, but you are going to walk a lot, when you are in San Francisco. And, the last thing that you want to have, is to wear uncomfortable shoes that are not ideal for walking long distances. This can make things hard to explore this city on foot.


If your skin isn’t used to warm weather and you are going to San Francisco during the summer time, you might want to take some sunscreen along. You will not know when you might need it.

Many people are going to San Francisco on holiday. And, for good reason. This is a great holiday destination for fun. However, you might need to know what to pack for your trip, so that you don’t have clothing that isn’t going to make you feel comfortable with the weather there. With this guide, you will know exactly what to pack when traveling to San Francisco.