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The spirit of wanderlust is present deep down in each and every one of us. As descendants of hunter/gatherers, we were designed to forage new lands, explore and discover. We desire adventure and risk as part of our biological makeup.

Travelling is a personal experience for everyone choosing to take it up as a way of life. Delving deep into foreign cultures, polishing your palate by tasting local cuisines, and discovering new places can never be compared to anything else. Every person should get the chance to travel the world at least once in their lives.

Below are the top ten reasons why:

1.  You will become a better person

Travelling is the ultimate means of gaining a different perspective on life. It allows you to learn new foreign languages and cultures while at the same time teaching you tolerance. Travelling, in essence, will make you an all-around better person.

2. You will get to know yourself better

Each successful adventure allows you to search into your soul and discover things about you that you didn’t even know. Take this time to do a self-evaluation/reflection and find out your strengths, weaknesses, and who you really are.

3. You will be smarter when you travel the world

Travelling and getting lost sharpens your sense of direction, broadens your geography, and overall bearings. You will become wiser and smarter the more you get out and explore the world around you

4. You will experience something new

If you are a patriot, you probably know everything about your native country. When you broaden your worldview culture shocks are sure to follow. That’s nothing to be worried about though because it is part of growing up and it is beautiful.

5. You will make wonderful memories

Making awesome memories is one of the best highlights of life. When you travel, not only are you making new memories, you are able to live vicariously through life. It is true what the adage says, “He, who travels, lives twice.”

6. You might find the meaning of life

For Westerners, the meaning of life is to have more, be more, and achieve more! For Asians however, they believe that you shouldn’t always be in pursuit of career goals. Travel far and wide and eventually, you will find the meaning of life that resonates with you.

7. You will be in places you’ve only seen on photos

Every single place on earth has something beautiful to offer. Landmarks like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Pyramids in Egypt, and Empire State Building in the US all have something unique about them. Turn your dreams into a reality, as only you can.

8. You will inspire others

Talk about your escapades to your friends and family, they will probably be your new travel buddies in future. By sharing your adventures with others, you inspire them to follow your lead.

9. You will have awesome travel stories to tell

There’s a quote that goes “Traveling leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller.” It proves to be true because vacations are a popular source of tales of fun and adventure to share with family over dinner.

10. You will meet amazing people

Get to meet new people who will share their stories with you. You might even meet people who share similar interests and hobbies.

Packing off….

The benefits of traveling surpass this list by a mile. Take up the challenge and plan a trip. The world is your oyster.

Happy travels. 🙂


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