Healthy Weight in Travels












When one takes a vacation, it is his or her time to relax and let loose. During this time we tend to let go of our routine and just enjoying ourselves which might lead to weight added by the end of your trip. Here are some tips to ensure that even though you enjoy yourself, you won’t pack unnecessary pounds while traveling.

1. Pack healthy snacks












Avoid buying unhealthy junk from vending machines or eating unhealthy airport food when traveling. Ensure you carry some healthy, non-perishable snacks such as protein bars and nuts on your flight. You can also carry some with you when you are out and about on your vacation.

2. Work out at the airport












In case you get to the airport with a little time to spare before your flight, ensure you get a little workout in. Stretch your legs and get some cardio going by walking the halls and climbing the stairs. This will keep you occupies and prevent you from indulging in airport snacks.

3. Be strategic at the buffet












Most resorts offer an endless array of delicious foods at the breakfast buffet, which is however not very healthy to eat. Instead of pilling your plate with bacon, eggs and sausages opt for a healthier combination like fruits, yogurt, and whole, grain toast.

4. Bring your workout with you












It doesn’t mean that because you are on vacation, your workout routine should be put on pause too. You can always squeeze in a few hours of working out each day preferably in the morning. This will help boost up your psych and help you enjoy your day. You can do a run for a few miles, skip rope or even swim a couple of rounds.

5. Have a cocktail or dessert but not both












Both alcohol and chocolaty delights carry a lot of calories. If you want to maintain your figure ensure you don’t get too crazy and choose either to drink or indulge in your sweets. Be smart and pick one meal to indulge in calories.

6. Take advantage of the hotel’s facilities












If your hotel offers gym facilities please utilize them. You can always get in an hour or two of good work out a day. You can also take up new activities such as yoga, Pilates, hiking or biking if the hotel offers them. This ensures you stay active and in great shape during your vacation.

7. Order wisely from the bar












Ensure you avoid drinking the fruity cocktails as they contain soo many calories. You should opt for skinny drinks especially if you are planning on drinking more than one. You should also opt for drinks made on the rocks than frozen drinks as they contain fewer calories.

8. Make exercise a family affair












Make sure you schedule as many active activities as possible for your family. This will help you have fun, build your bond and also ensures your family stays in shape throughout the trip.

I hope you found this article helpful. Happy travels. 🙂



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